This Week On Ghost!

This Week On Ghost!

A quick catch up of some of our great content from this week - 13th to 17th - and some free samples to peak your interest!

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With another week tucked under our belts and another warm weekend on the horizon, we've got another collection of our hottest news from this week all in one easy to access spot. Enjoy!
Plus an extra QoL update for Ghost to share with you all, thanks to our in house QA team member - Adam!

This One's On Us

We've had two stories this week about outrage towards Ubisoft and their absurd subscription pricings, while EA might try and put Ads in-games.
We can't help but feel we've heard this song and dance before. If you want to see similar news to this weeks topics, check out these two free articles here -

Roundup: Ubisoft’s Advertising Error, Chinese Gaming Collapse and Bloober Team’s Request
Ubisoft’s latest advertising caused concern - but all is not as it seems, the gaming arm of Tiktok is collapsing, the future adoption of MTX looks bleak and Bloober Team can’t talk about Silent Hill 2.
Ubisoft + Interview = Outrage
Ubisoft have angered many this week with an interview on subscriptions - but seemingly they might actually agree with those audiences as the industry shifts towards a non-ownership model of games.

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Our Best This Week: News

After a battering last week on Helldivers 2, Sony and Xbox can't seem to catch any breaks this week either. Whilst everyone is crying out for publishers to listen to them and not go ahead with some very questionable ideas.
Should we really be paying $130 for a game and will EA really put Ads in the middle of playthroughs?

Do EA Really Want To Put Ads in Games?
“EA CEO says they’re interested in putting ads in their video games” is the viral message from the weekend - one that confirms everything you already knew was terrible about Electronic Arts and their leadership. But we’ve looked at the Transcripts and we’re not so sure.
Video: Diablo 4 Is Speaking to the Players
Ad Free Video! Diablo 4: Season 4 - is called Loot Reborn. The pitch and reasoning behind that is simple. Diablo 4 is getting a complete revamp. A fresh start and a direct conversation to all existing players “We hear you, we’re changing the Loot!”
Steam Vs The World
Steam has been seemingly banned in one country, and is being investigated in another for anti-competitive practices - because when every major publisher starts talking about the need to port games to PC to survive, that means that the biggest PC gaming platform needs a little more scrutiny.
Video: The Big Two Are Having A Bad Time
Ad Free Video! It is a bad time for both Xbox and PlayStation. Xbox President Sarah Bond has had a disastrous interview trying to explain why Tango Gameworks in particular had to be closed. While PlayStation aren’t getting it any easier, as they approach the launch of Ghosts of Tsushima’s PC port.
Loading Screen: Wayfinder Kills It’s MTX Based Live Service and XDefiant’s Challenge To Call of Duty
Embattled RPG Wayfinder is trying something new, the previously F2P psuedo MMO deciding their best chance is to abandon F2P and Live Service - while XDefiant are doing their best to bring over disgruntled Call of Duty players, promising to slay the biggest boogeyman of all - Skill Based Matchmaking.
How Can Ubisoft Ask For 130 Dollars For A Game?
Once more, the headlines and social media outcry is clear - How are Ubisoft daring to charge $130 for a video game? For an open world Ubisoft game of all things? We dive in and explain - things aren’t as simple as they seem.
Take Two Deny Closing The Two Studios They’re Closing, Total War and Valve Game Leaks and More!
Take Two CEO Strauss Zelnick denies they’re closing two studios - but the people have actual reciepts Strauss! Meanwhile, corroborated leaks have revealed the future for Valve and maybe the Total War Franchsise with a Hero Shooter Moba and Star Wars respectively.

Our Best This Week: Warcraft

With MoP Remix coming up soon, Tee-Jay made us a handy Cosmetics Tracker on Notion and wanted to share it with the community.
We've also had a lot more lore to explore in Hallowfalls and with the Arathi, whilst Gerard gave us a look at Magni Bronzebeard and why he's seemingly lost his glow.

Video: Warlocks Are FURIOUS: Major Alpha Updates
Ad Free Video! Warlocks are mad that their class is being ruined, while Alpha and the live game continue to be pretty much great in every other way.
Video: Hallowfall’s Biggest Reveal- An Empire Fanatical To The Light
Ad Free Video! The Arathi of Hallowfall hit Alpha like a storm of Light and metal. But the more we uncovered, the more down right insane their lore got. We’re breaking down the transmogs, interrogating their characters and seeing just how vast this new lore horizon might be.
Magni De-stoned!
Our Worldsoul is calling out. But we’ve no idea what she wants. There’s a mystery here to be uncovered. Why won’t Azeroth talk to Magni? Why has everyone else heard he Radiant Song? Why is Magni different and just what the hell is up with these new Earthen? Turns out it’s all related!
Video: Get Ready For MoP Remix
Ad Free Video! How to play and why to play: This is everything you need to know going into MoP Remix.
MoP Remix Cosmetics Tracker
Feel free to use this custom built Cosmetics Tracker for yourself, so you also don’t get that FOMO feeling!

Our Best This Week: Videos

Thanks to the magic of coding, as well as some trial and error, Adam has managed to create an extra nice QoL feature for us here on Ghost.
A Video Player section!

Video Player
Catch all our videos in one easy to handle spot!

With this first run, you can now find all our Ad-Free Members videos on Ghost.

"I still need to iron out some CSS styling and implement a better carousel feature. But that should be easy to implement across the following week."
- Adam (QA Bellular Studios)

These videos will also be available on our main public channels across the weekend, but you can catch them here now and Ad Free.

Video: Paradox’s Prisoner Dilemma
Ad Free Video! Paradox haven’t gone a month in the last nine without something going wrong for them. Lamplighters League, Cities Skylines, their own grand strategy DLC - but recently we hoped things were turning round. Now we’ve been told that the developer of Prison Architect will be stepping away.
Video: Steam Vs The World
Ad Free Video! Steam has been seemingly banned in one country, and is being investigated in another for anti-competitive practices For devs on Steam, we’ve got good news on the story of Adult Swim Games and their delisting, while one other dev has had all he can take.
Video: Ubisoft’s $130 Games Ask
Ad Free Video! Once more, the headlines and social media outcry is clear - How are Ubisoft daring to charge $130 for a video game?
Video: Prepatch In August, A Remix PSA & Alpha Updates
Ad Free Video! Another week, another wave of alpha class changes to talk about - as well as the juicy news from MoP Remix.

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