If your questions haven't been answered here, hit us up on discord!

Why are you doing this?

Check our introductory blog post or one of our recent videos.
TL;DR We want to make more stuff and deliver it straight to you.

What does this mean for content out of the Bellular channels?

Check our introductory blog post or one of our recent videos.
TL;DR Effectively nothing. We plan to continue creating content there at our regular cadence, and have designed this platform and our processes accordingly.

How do I access Discord?

TBD. We probably have instructions posted in an article by now if you're reading this anyway.

I only want to see content from <Warcraft/News>. How can I do this?

Right now, you can navigate using the tag categories at the top.
As for emails, we have three separate newsletters - one for Warcraft, one for News, and one for general Bellular updates. Go to your account settings, you can manage subscriptions from there.
You can also edit your Discord roles in the #get-roles channel to get notifications when content is posted through there.

This FAQ page doesn't help me...?

If you're a paying subscriber, hit up the Discord with your question and we'll do our best to answer - and add it to this page. Otherwise, drop @Matlagan a DM on X (formerly Twitter).

Operating Hours of our team members is between 9am and 7pm GMT.
Please be patient with us and we will make sure to respond when we can.