This Week With Bellular!

This Week With Bellular!

A quick catch up of some of our great content from this week - 1st - 5th July - and some free samples to peak your interest!

Adam Sayers

A new month, a new week, and eventually a new site design? 👀

So sleek, so fresh

Whilst we have been a team member down this week, our fantastic news writer Conor is getting some much needed R&R 🛏️, that hasn't stopped the rest of us discussing what we would like from this site and how we can make things better for you guys!

We aren't ready to show off everything yet but after an initial tinker 🔧 and a look at the the proposed changes, I thought why not give you guys a look at the sidebar navigation, that we are all very pleased with in the office.

We'll be back to full team strength on Monday 👥 , however, it also being the 11th and 12th of July, we expect a bit of disruption to our routines here in Belfast.
We will still bring you the same great content we always do!

As for now, here's our latest freebies and articles from this past week for your enjoyment!

This One's On Us

Fromsoft took a hit this week with a Ransomware Attack 💻💰 and its reminiscent of some other hacks that happened earlier this year. Can any company really be confident in their tech, with the ever changing landscape we're in now.

Meanwhile Co-Op games are proving to be a big hitter!
Now we're not saying we already knew that. but Conall did make a great Editor's Note on his experiences with Co-Op games. Do you agree?

Loading Screen: EA’s Hacked Tournaments and Sony’s Overconfident Hardware Predictions
Hacking on a global stage has wrecked a tournament and left players and pros alike scrambling to work out if their machines are safe. While Sony scramble to work out if their virtual reality machines are sellable as stock piles up on the global stage.
The Insomniac Hack
Insomnac have been hacked, the latest company to fall afoul of a ransomware scheme. With data now released to the public, we’re going to talk about how we cover it - and how you should take caution with your consumption of any information.
Editor’s Note #5: 2023, Co-Op... Collaboration Or Chaos?
What co-op games did you check out in 2023? Conall runs down his experiences, hopefully you’ll enjoy grouping up for the read!

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Our Best This Week: News

We start off this week and month with our Upcoming Games! 🎮
Not as boisterous and loud as the Erdtree DLC at the end of June, but with a lot of heavy hitters to get out before the beginning of the autumn and Christmas crunch.

While Conor's been off we had Matt fill in with our Loading Screens this week and he found a lot of crazy stories - like SEGA planning a live service Crazy Taxi Game! 🚕
We also need to watch out for a Watch Dogs movie?

We also had a look at the state of Diablo 4 given its recent Season and had community led updates for games, the devs are really giving the people what they want. Hopefully this is a trend that continues.

Upcoming Games: A Jam Packed July
July brings a surge of games releasing to get out ahead of the autumn crush. From heavy hitters like Dawntrail and Zenless Zone Zero, esoteric new entries like Once Human and Anger Foot - and a surprisingly large amount of strategy titles including Cataclismo, Norland and of course Stormgate.
Loading Screen: SEGA’s Crazy Plans, Space Marines In Turmoil & FFXIV Expansion Woes
Live service Crazy Taxi, FFXIV’s first miss (according to some) and a beta cancelled - but not for the reasons you think. Here’s Loading Screen!
Video: These Developers Are Giving Players What They Want
Ad Free Video! Three Stories for you today - all examples of developers on live service games listening to the community and then actually trying to give players what they want.
Loading Screen: More Layoffs, New Resident Evil, Wukong Rave Impressions & A Capcom Fave Re-Risen
More layoffs, but the good news is that Capcom are coming out swinging as always. Oh, and Black Myth: Wukong is shaping up excellently.
Loading Screen: Co-Op Is Proven King, Anti-Piracy Action & FromSoft Ransomware Update
Did you know co-op games do really well on Steam? I did. I didn’t know it was THIS well. And some other (less fun) news.
Video: The State of Diablo 4
Ad Free Video! Diablo 4 is producing numbers. Look to the core players, and you’re seeing a LOT of people change their tune
Loading Screen: Netflix Nix Horizon, Incoming Watch Dogs Movie(?) & New Frame Generation Tech
Watch Dogs movie! No Horizon TV show! Are we even talking about games anymore? Yes, because there’s a key bit of tech highlighted by DF that might be a game-changer. For very specific people. Still, check it out!

Our Best This Week: Warcraft

T-Minus 17 Days till The War Within begins ⏳and we've got all the latest Pre-Patches to cover too!
Take a look at what's new with WoW and whether the latest warcraft campaign (based on it's Beta) is everything you could want from Warcraft.

Gerard and Matt also gave us a new Lorewalking episode! 🎙️
Discussing the noble Paladins, the ultimate vengeance of the Light.
Crusaders of retribution. The Ardent defenders of the faith and a Beacon of The Light in the thick of battle.
Lets get into it shall we?

Video: Does The War Within Feel Like Warcraft? (Amended)
Apologies for the broken upload! This one is the full almost 18 minutes of campaign review.
Lorewalking Class Special: Paladin
The noble Paladin. Part military police, part true hero, and one of WoW’s most fantasy-rich classes, with some of the greatest champions Azeroth has ever seen.
Video: The War Within’s Pre-Patch Changes! What’s New?
Ad Free Video! The Pre-Patch for The War Within is just around the corner. Mark your calendars for July 23rd, less than a month away. IWe’re walking you through the major changes coming with this update. So, what’s new?

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