Upcoming Games - A Jaw Dropping June

Upcoming Games - A Jaw Dropping June

June is a great month for games, yet a comparatively quiet one for mainstream releases! You know why? In between the behemoths of Destiny 2 and Elden Ring, we've got some very brave indies and AA titles - Lets make sure they don't get lost in the crush.

Conor Caulfield

June is a great month for games, yet a comparatively quiet one for mainstream releases! You know why?
Because at the start of the month, a combination of Destiny 2: The Final Shape and all the showcases that Geoff Keighley can promote will suck all the oxygen out of the room for new releases.
And then at the end of the month, Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree will wipe out all competition without even noticing.
In between, we've got some very brave indies and AAs who want to try their luck. So let's make sure they don't get missed as we chronologically dive through the upcoming games for June.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape

Developer: Bungie
Publisher: PlayStation
Platforms: PC/Xbox/PlayStation
Release Date: 04/06

The make or break moment for Destiny 2 is finally here, delayed from February - The Final Shape expansion on the 4th is the culmination of all of Destiny’s narrative elements to date. And judging by what they’ve shown so far gameplay and story wise, Bungie are swinging for the fences. Classes that completely rework how the game is played, whole new enemy factions, a campaign that seems to be giving players everything they wanted from a big, bombastic finale that brings back beloved characters and ties up all the narrative threads.

The delay seems to have only impressed audiences more with what’s been built to precede the expansion - so there are high expectations that Bungie will actually deliver when push comes to shove.

And of course, it’s not the end for Bungie and Destiny. This is just the start of everything that follows, so we need to wait to see what happens next - and whether players will stick around for it. As well whether it does well enough to protect Bungie’s leadership from the gaze of PlayStation’s new leadership.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Developer: Illfonic Publishing, Teravision Games
Publisher: Illfonic Publishing
Platforms: PC/Xbox/PlayStation
Release Date: 04/06

Odds are if you’re reading this post you’re probably too young to remember the 80's cult horror title Killer Klowns from Outer Space - but that doesn’t mean that a developer can’t still use the IP to create yet another film inspired asymmetric horror game.
Early previews and advanced access user reviews for this one suggest the 3v7 formula and a more comedy focussed approach are setting it apart, fully leaning into the gap in the market left by Friday the 13th. Which makes sense, as this game comes from some of the folks from Friday the 13th, before legal chaos happened to their license. Hopefully this game can stick around longer.

Songs of Silence

Developer: Chimera Entertainment
Publisher: Chimera Entertainment
Platforms: PC
Release Date: 04/06

Launching in Early Access on the 4th after a monumentally successful Kickstarter - Songs of Silence from Chimera Entertainment is looking to blend Auto Battlers with more thoughtful real time strategy in a stunningly rendered watercolour world.
The total war style overworld campaign gives way to auto-battling armies - which players influence by choosing the right battleground or playing key abilities at the right time. It’s offering something different to either of its progenitor genres - but with the familiar sounds of composer Hitoshi Sakimoto of Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy 12 and Valkyria Chronicles - it’ll not be so different.

Blockbuster Inc

Developer: Super Sly Fox
Publisher: Ancient Forge
Platforms: PC
Release Date: 06/06

On June 6th, developer Super Sly Fox are hoping to recapture the potential of Lionhead’s 2005 Tycoon game, The Movies, with Blockbuster Inc - which expands the tycoon simulation to all eras of film making - and then also puts players directly in the chair with the ability to control lighting, blocking and more.

Autopsy Simulator

Developer: Woodland Games
Publisher: Team 17 Digital
Platforms: PC
Release Date: 06/06

From movie magic to morgues and motives - Autopsy Simulator is not one for the squeamish - but that’s really the point. Working with actual coroners, the team at Woodland Games have attempted to build as authentic a game as possible as you unpick mysteries surrounding several deaths. With an overarching horror narrative on top - this is one that will definitely appeal to the true crime aficionados.

Kingdom Hearts Integrum Masterpiece

Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix
Platforms: Steam
Release Date: 13/06

Freed from the Black Hole of the Epic Games Store (even if it may be the only reason they’re even on PC)- The Kingdom Hearts games will finally be arriving on Steam on the 13th. Square Enix aren’t just moving the files though, as apparently the game will be getting an optimisation pass and some enhanced texture work. Patient Steam gamers win again.

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance

Developer: Atlus
Publisher: Sega
Platforms: PC/Xbox/PlayStation/Switch
Release Date: 14/06

On the 14th, the release of Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance will add many new QoL features, whole new storylines and all previously published DLC. If you wanted to play the other ATLUS RPG series, but couldn’t bear the performance and form factor of a Switch - good news.


Developer: RainyGames
Publisher: Merge games
Platforms: PC
Release Date: 14/06

A new entry in the farming simulation game genre on the 14th from RainyGames - Sunnyside attempts to bring the genre to the modern day by giving the player a farmstead in the rural Japanese countryside.
It's not just about growing crops, but fermenting beer and soy sauce, selling to local businesses and more small scale industry aspects. But of course, it wouldn’t be complete without getting to know the locals, uncovering their secrets and developing relationships with a wide cast. The mix of traditional and modern is a compelling one that the developers will be hoping sets Sunnyside apart from the usual Rune Factory followups.

Still Wakes The Deep

Developer: The Chinese Room
Publisher: Secret Mode
Platforms: PC/Xbox/Playstation
Release Date: 18/06

In first person horror title Still Wakes The Deep on the 18th, something comes aboard a 1970s Oil Rig off the coast of Britain. You’re just a Scottish rig worker, with no communications, a growing storm and a collapsing rig with no way out - and all you can do is try to survive long enough that someone comes looking for you.

Coming from The Chinese Room, creators of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs and Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture, you know the vibes for this game are going to be immaculate.

Fun Fact, the team have already released a free prequel game Oil Strike ‘75 on Steam, where a corporate edutainment minigame gives way to even more conspiracy theories and terrible secrets. If you want to know whether this game is hitting the right tone - check it out and see whether you’re on board.


Developer: Exit 73 Studios
Publisher: Humble Games
Platforms: PC
Release Date: 18/06

Out on the 18th, #Blud is a hyper distinctive game that’s got a hand drawn 90's cartoon style right out of the golden age of Cartoon Network. This is a small scale dungeon crawler that sees a teenage hockey playing highschooler defending their town from demonic vampires - so your best reference here might be Buffy the Vampire Slayer x Dexter’s Lab but played like a classic ARPG where you’ll be gaining power as you uncover the mysteries of the town.

The Elder Scrolls: Online - Gold Road

Developer: Zenimax Online Studios
Publisher: Xbox
Platforms: PC/Xbox/PlayStation
Release Date: 03/06 (PC) - 18/06 (Consoles)

Now a much more traditional ARPG as The Elder Scrolls: Online - Gold Road comes to all platforms on the 18th after a PC Release on the 3rd. This is one for the Oblivion fans in the audience as the MMO turns its attention back to Cyrodil and the region of West Weald. A whole new zone for players to explore, a new Daedric storyline featuring the return of a Daedric Prince (to really hammer home the Oblivion vibes) and a new scribing mechanic that will in theory give players complete control over how they play. Now if Zenimax and Xbox also want to reveal that leaked Oblivion remaster at their showcase in June to tie in, we won’t be complaining.


Developer: ASKA
Publisher: Thunderful Publishing
Platforms: PC
Release Date: 20/06

Another Viking based third person survival game with co-op - Sand Sailor Studio’s ASKA is hoping that two key features will be enough to set it apart from comparisons to Valheim and other competitors. First, a dynamic weather and season system, where winter brings the cold but also emboldens the monsters that live out in the world - and secondly, the target of those monsters: your village filled with manageable NPCs. More than just a base builder, the intent is for all these NPCs to have desires and needs that the player will have to manage and care for - not just exploit for resources. As they launch into early access on the 20th, Sand Sailor will be hoping that they’ve done enough to make them stand out.

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Developer: From Software
Publisher: Bandai Namco
Platforms: PC/Xbox/PlayStation
Release Date: 21/06

Come on - you know that this whole month is really just for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree on the 21st. It may be an expansion, but From Software and Bandai Namco are supremely confident, judging by it’s $40 price tag and the fact that no more DLC is planned for Elden Ring. Of course, they should be confident.
Elden Ring was a movement in gaming, where the long championed promise of From Software’s design philosophy was paired with an Open World that allowed the game to truly reach the mainstream - recording not just staggering sales, but staggering completion rates.

And now there’s more!

A whole new map for the game larger than the Limgrave starting zone, with a story that continues the internecine infighting of the original story as we delve deeper into the relationship between the royal twins Malenia and Miquella - and in gameplay terms, more than 10 bosses and 8 new weapon categories to expand your builds.
This is a game that’s going to occupy people’s minds for months.

So understandably, the rest of June is a little light. No one really wants to challenge From Software if they don’t have to, so it’s into July for further big releases from anyone who can avoid it.

Until Then

Developer: Polychroma Games
Publisher: Maximum Entertainment
Platforms: Steam, PlayStation
Release Date: 25/06

There’s those who have to release - like how we’re updating you on Until Then, a mystery focussed visual novel from first time developer Polychromia was in fact delayed from May till June - and now will be coming out on the 25th. An extra month of polish will hopefully be enough to ensure a successful launch, maybe for those looking for something slightly more sedate than Elden Ring.

But in terms of previously scheduled releases Sega and Nintendo have literally never cared about what the rest of the industry is doing.

Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble

Developer: Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio
Publisher: Sega
Platforms: Switch
Release Date: 25/06

Which is why Sega are throwing out Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble on the 25th for Switch - this should need no more explanation than that after 13 years, it’s a brand new series entry from Like A Dragon creators RGG Studio and that it’s yet more physics based platformer starring colourful simians. You already know if you’re interested.

Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD

Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Platforms: Switch
Release Date: 27/06

And finally, it wouldn’t be a month of games without Nintendo releasing another port of an older title to buoy up Switch numbers - this time 3DS title Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD (or Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon) will be coming to Nintendo’s console on the 27th. Expect the usual Nintendo level of quality for the port, and then appreciate the absolute weirdness that with this release, Luigi’s Mansion 2 and 3 will be on Switch - but not the original.

Let’s be honest, we all know that this month is now just floating in the wake of the two biggest games - but there’s a lot of really cool stuff in here, that doesn’t deserve to be buried between them and the many new reveals at the showcases.