Summer Showcases Streaming Soon!

Summer Showcases Streaming Soon!

This weekend the Not-E3 Geoff Keighly Power Hour is coming. So keep an eye on when the streams your most interested in are showing.

Michael Bell

Ahead of tonight's Summer Games Fest at 2pm PDT/ 4pm EDT/ 10pm BST and the rest of this weekend's games showcase streams, the team thought it be a good idea to re-compile our most recent articles related to them, so you have all the information you need.

Showcase Showdown - Your Guide to Summer 2024’s Games Events
We thought it was good idea to gather up all the times and stream locations for ease of access - so you don’t miss anything you’d like to watch.
Upcoming Games - A Jaw Dropping June
June is a great month for games, yet a comparatively quiet one for mainstream releases! You know why? In between the behemoths of Destiny 2 and Elden Ring, we’ve got some very brave indies and AA titles - Lets make sure they don’t get lost in the crush.
Loading Screen: PlayStation’s Precarious Position as 50% of Audience Still On PS4
Turns out 50% of the PlayStation audience haven’t yet gotten a PS5 and most of their revenue growth is coming from about Live service games. Even while PlayStation want to tell everyone their success is real, and that their pipeline of games are strong, looking at the numbers, we have some doubts.

As well as these, our in house QA - Adam - went to Northern Ireland's Ulster University Graduates Games Design End Of Year Showcase last night (catchy title right?).
He thought it would be nice to show them off here too with their Digital Booklet.
Enjoy the trailers and demos if you are interested.

Portfolio | Final Year Show

As well as those, here are the Queen's University Creative Computing End Of Year Game Demos. All handily recorded and shown off on Twitch.

QueensComputing - Twitch
Since 1969, the Queen’s School of Computing has developed its programs through research and scholarship and become one of the leading establishments in its field.