This Week With Bellular!

This Week With Bellular!

A quick catch up of some of our great content from this week - 17th - 21st June - and some free samples to peak your interest!

Adam Sayers

So yes, there's been a small name change to this post (and all previous ones too).

As most of you eagle-eyed readers out there saw and rightly pointed out to us.
We are called Bellular and we host ourselves on Ghost.
So instead of saying what we've done on our platform, we need to let you know what we've done as a team!

At the start of this week, we had a video on our News Channel publish that didn't align with our principles on coverage. This was due to a time lag between creation/publishing. It has now been reworked but, along side that, we have published our internal corrections process.
This is how we handle these problems and how we will continue to going forward.

We are still on going from our Patreon announcement and we are double checking emails, stock and more to make the shut down of Patreon much smoother. By July 8th and August 5th we aim to have all that solidly done.

We've also set up some new automations that should, once all the bugs are squashed, get all new members who sign up (and everyone who's already signed up) a private RSS feed of the Lorewalking podcast!

On top of that, we've been having team discussions on the design of the site.
We feel we've found some new and user friendly UI and we will be, in time, rolling that out.
So the site might look a bit sleeker down the line.

We can't wait to share more as it comes but for now, here's our latest freebies and articles for your enjoyment.

This One's On Us

With Todd Howard giving us Starfield news, we took a look back to see how Starfield was when it first came out.
Along with that we've had more layoffs this week so it might be an idea for us to share with you just how drastic the Layoff Watch 2024 has gotten from January to now.
Enjoy these freebies here now or in our Free Posts section.

The Starfield Steam Review Situation
Bethesda is taking flack for responding to Starfield Steam Reviews, but it turns out everyone does it! They just do it better than Bethesda.
Loading Screen: The Layoffs Continue, Devs Warn on Toxicity and Dog Beats Man
More layoffs across the industry today, while at Colossal Order, devs are warning players that they won’t tolerate toxicity aimed at them or at other players. But in better news, there’s a cute dog playing video games way better than most of us could.
Loading Screen: 2024 Already Record Holder For Games Industry Layoffs
A triple threat of stories today as we cover two sets of developers who are paying for management mistakes with staff jobs, and one indie developer that’s closing it’s doors because the industry has moved on too quickly.

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Our Best This Week: News and Warcraft

There's been some great news this week with how Starfield is shaping up from Todd Howard and the Nintendo Direct brought us some awesome games!
But it feels like it has been undercut by the layoffs from Paradox, as well as some other not great choices by Ubisoft wanting free Fan Labour and Capcom missing out Xbox ports.
We're also getting closer and closer to the official launch of The War Within and we might just have a Pre-Patch Date!

Loading Screen: Todd Howard on Starfield Success, Paid Mods and more!
A surprise interview with Todd Howard has given us a look inside Bethesda’s plans and principles - as well as a chance for him to respond to the recent Paid Mod controversy within Starfield.
Video: Dark And Darker - One Week After Launch
Ad Free Video! This weekend our Dark & Darker video was published and didn’t have quite all the necessary facts. Here’s our updated take on everything the game has to offer.
Paradox Cancels Game, Closes Studio, Writes off $20m
20 Million Dollars and five years work for 24 people has just been thrown out by Paradox Interactive. Their Life Sim - Life By You - is now completely cancelled, despite plans to launch in Early Access two weeks ago.
Todd Howard Responds To Starfield’s Paid Mod Complaints
“We definitely see the feedback, right? And that’s … not what we want at all” - An interview this week with Todd Howard has seen him respond to the Paid Quests complaints from fans - and thank them for the feedback on where they got it wrong.
Loading Screen: Missing Xbox Ports and The Story Inside Paradox
Today, Capcom are doing great work with their library collections of classic titles - but one platform will be missing out, seemingly due to technical issues. Meanwhile we’re getting to hear from Paradox Tectonic staff on the confusing circumstances that led to Life By You’s cancellation.
Video: Big UI Upgrades Are Coming In TWW
Ad Free Video! WoWs interface is getting some big upgrades in The War Within. The Spellbook has been rebuilt, the Character Selection Screen has got a load more cosy, Oh, and those annoying camera collisions that have existed since forever are mostly gone. Let’s dive in!
Loading Screen: Ubisoft Wants Free Fan Labour as Bluepoint Ask Fans To Relax
Ubisoft are in hot water with voice actors due to once again asking fans to create art for them, for free - while Playstation’s Bluepoint want to soothe their fan’s concerns following recent Playstation corporate upheaval.
Video: Pre-Patch Date! Healing Is Broken & Ion Has No Answer
Ad Free Video! In an interview about the issues with healing, Blizzard all but admitted to being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Also, other news!

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