This Week With Bellular!

This Week With Bellular!

A quick catch up of some of our great content from this week - 24th - 28st June - and some free samples to peak your interest!

Adam Sayers

Has anyone else been feeling sick or sniffly for far too long now?
We've had members of our squad struck down with the flu on and off the past while and it's made things hard.

We're hoping we get back to full strength soon and hope you guys do too if you're feeling poorly.

This past week and more we've also been thinking up ideas for the future of this site.
If you have any suggestions/feedback or QoL features for us on the site and are on our Members Discord, let us know in the "Site Questions and Feedback" channel.

For now though, here's our latest freebies and articles from this past week for your enjoyment.

This One's On Us

Looking back on this past week, it's been a heap of Legal trouble for a lot of companies.
It brought to mind these two Loading Screen articles, so enjoy them for free.

As well as those we aren't long out from the newest updates from WoW.
The last begin Season of Discovery gave us a lot of core lore so catch up while you can in our last freebie.

Loading Screen: Don’t Just Throw Devs At Problems, Stop Killing Games Update: UK Edition
The success of indies this year has led to (responsible) publishers asking players to just let their devs cook - more devs won’t get you updates faster. Meanwhile, the Stop Killing Games movement has gotten an official response in the UK - but it’s not great news.
No Man’s Sky’s Review Success, Apple Gives Up and Allows Emulators, Xbox’s Backwards Compatible Future
No Man’s Sky is counting success in single digits right now in terms of Steam User Reviews, Apple have capitulated to the regulators meaning emulators for all and Xbox are trying to future proof their library - and their audience.
Season of Discovery’s Lore Is Core Warcraft
Did SoD just ADD lore to World of Warcraft?

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Our Best This Week: News

Lawsuits, Legal Troubles and the future of companies have been heavy topics this week for many companies, alongside the usual questions of what is going on with the latest games and is the new Erdtree DLC really too hard?
We also look to see what Xbox have in store for their future plans, while Steam does everything it can to be the only platform you need for your PC.

Video: Creative Assembly’s Total Future
Ad Free Video! Creative Assembly are in the middle of a trying time. So they’re doing what they can. Right now, that’s taking what they have and making sure they’re keeping customers happy. Rebuilding Total War Pharoah, ongoing support for Warhammer 3 and then they have to look to the future.
Loading Screen: Street Fighter Success and the EU Take On Apple... Again
Bad news for Apple to start the week as their ongoing fight with the EU over app stores like the EGS continues - and could be very costly for them. They should talk to Capcom, who this week revealed that a bet made 30 years ago is still paying off to this date.
Loading Screen: Midnight Society Fire Co-Founder, Payday 3’s Psudo Solo Mode and Palworld’s Lack of Lawsuits
A triple threat of stories! After allegations of impropriety, FPS studio Midnight Society have removed Co-Founder Dr Disrespect. Starbreeze are trying to get fans back on their side with a solo mode for Payday 3 and Palworld have confirmed that no, no one at the Pokemon Company tried to sue them.
Steam’s Billion Dollar Competition Lawsuit
Nearly a Billion dollars are on the line in the UK, with Steam facing a lawsuit that takes them to task for their dominance of the PC Gaming market - and allegations they use that dominance to control the wider sale of PC Games.
WTF Happened To Diablo 4?
One Year From Launch, what has actually happened to Diablo 4? It’s not been a great time for Blizzard as they’ve bounced from controversy to controversy in design, selling absurdly expensive cosmetics all the while. And yet audiences are excited by what’s next.
Video: Is Erdtree really too hard?
Ad Free Video! Fromsoft launched Shadow of the Erdtree. Critics absolutely heaped praise on it, yet as it hit Steam scores fell to the low 60s. Why is that?
Loading Screen: Steam Does Everything Now, Xbox On Every Screen, Total War Goes Immortal
Today, Steam unveil yet more features in their quest to ensure you shouldn’t need to install any other software on your PC and Creative Assembly are listening to players on Total Warhammer as to the game’s future.
Video: Overwatch Community Try To Fix The Game
Ad Free Video! Overwatch’s Season 11 has started, Ultrawatch. TLDR: it’s Power Rangers. And with this new update, the community has been given the reigns to see if they can actually fix the game, by letting them run balance changes in the Community Crafted arcade mode.

Our Best This Week: Warcraft

The war drum beats like the tick of a clock and The War Within marches ever closer, but that doesn't stop Blizzard from both messing things up and mixing things up.
The end raid MAY have been spoiled from someone inside the team, but with the new Mythic+ affixes and the return to lands thought lost, we're being shown some enticing and exciting changes that should liven up WoW's endgame.

Video: Did TWW’s Final Raid Just Get Spoiled?
Ad Free Video! Like with Dragonflight, some silly goofs on Blizzard’s end MAY have spoiled 11.2’s raid - so let’s dig into what happened and what it means.
Video: Blizzard Proved Us Wrong
Ad Free Video! We were proven wrong on delves. Blizzard’s iteration has turned them all the way from threadbare borefests to a solid vision for a new pillar of WoW endgame - and one you can do solo. Unless you’re a healer.
Video: Xalatath’s Bargain Looks Good
Ad Free Video! Blizzard have revealed a total overhaul of Mythic+ affixes that actually has me - someone who broadly didn’t like the old way at all - actually excited.
Video: WoW’s About To Get A Lot More Players!
Ad Free Video! With their return to a land once thought lost and a wave of incredible beta updates and class changes, we’ve got a real positive week of news for you. Enjoy!

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