This Week On Ghost!

This Week On Ghost!

A quick catch up of some of our great content from this week - 20th to 24th - and some free samples to peak your interest!

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The team's been working on a lot behind the scenes this week here at Bellular and we hope to be addressing some much needed announcements very soon.
But with another week slotted firmly in the archives, here's another look at our news from this week all in one easy to access spot. Enjoy!

This One's On Us

With Neil Druckmann talking about AI and Games Media being failed, again, by large entities, we can't help but look back at our previous posts around similar topics.
Check out these free posts for a taste of what we've talked about this week -

The Well Is Poisoned
A weekend of AI accusations and generated art chaos has spotlighted exactly how widespread the problem of junk creation is in games - and developers are worried it’s going to get worse.
Loading Screen: The UK Games Industry Takes A Battering, Embracer Explain Their Layoffs and more!
The UK Games Industry is taking a serious battering as recent releases haven’t fully delivered. and a set of deep dive stories to keep you in the loop of the industry from the last week.

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Our Best This Week: News

Diablo IV had a good response to their new Loot Reborn season and seemingly Ghosts of Tsushima has too on Steam.
Meanwhile the Games industry as a whole seems to be taking hits from all areas, journalism and studios alike.
But at least we have some Summer Showcases to look forward to soon!

Loading Screen: PSN Can’t Stop Ghosts of Tsushima, Call of Duty’s $70 Question and Redfall’s Not Quite Dead
Today, Ghosts of Tshushima has rocketed to the top of the Steam charts despite PSN requirements, Call of Duty might only cost you $16.99 this year and Redfall gets a dying gasp that gives Arkane Austin a chance to finish what they started.
Video: We Played Diablo Loot Reborn
Ad Free Video! Here’s all our insights, understandings and musings on all the new Diablo 4 content!
Video: Activision Adds Studio While Take Minuses Two
AD Free Video! Turns out that Microsoft are willing to invest in smaller teams and narrative games - as long as they come under the Activision Budget. Meanwhile, Take Two is telling reporters that they definitely haven’t closed two studios that they’ve absolutely started closing.
Games Media is Being Failed By Its Owners
You, the audience are not being served by the Games Media being consolidated and gutted to produce content rather than journalism. So today we’re going to take you through this story, and a wider look at the ecosystem. And how you’re being failed by the interests of very few people.
Showcase Showdown - Your Guide to Summer 2024’s Games Events
We thought it was good idea to gather up all the times and stream locations for ease of access - so you don’t miss anything you’d like to watch.
Loading Screen: The First Console War Ends, 4.5 Thousand Layoffs for Embracer and Overwatch’s Removed Game Mode
The First Console War has ended with Atari winning, but the Intellivision Amico saga continues! Meanwhile, Embracer’s layoffs have been made clear while Overwatch’s future doesn’t contain a PvE game mode that’s been so poorly received that it needs to be taken out of the game.
Neil Druckmann’s Promise of An AI Revolution Explained
It is another day on the Internet, and Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann has said something that’s made people mad. This time extolling the virtues of AI for Game development - but is there more to this than meets the eye?

Our Best This Week: Warcraft

MoP Remix is well under way and Blizzard don't seem to be finishing mixing it up, they've a whole host of changes.
We also dive more into the lore of Azeroth and just how she might be connected to the Titans!

Video: MoP Remix: Everything We’ve Learned So Far
Ad Free Video! Here’s our first post launch MoP Remix guide, covering all we’ve learned about levelling characters & earning bronze!
Video: Magni’s Destiny! A Servant of Azeroth or Pawn Of The Titans?
Ad Free Video! Magni Bronzebeard was the face of Worldsoul lore. The WOUNS! But now she won’t or simply can’t speak to Magni. There’s a mystery here and it’s answer reveals deep truths about the Titans, Magni and the Earthen of Khaz Algar
Azeroth Is NOT A Titan!
Azeroth is a Worldsoul but is she a Titan? Let’s deep dive and show just how the Worldsoul we know, singing its Radiant Song, evolved from Aman’thul’s Final Titan.
Video: Blizzard Have Made MASSIVE Changes To MoP Remix
Ad Free Video! MoP Remix has seen large changes, including new items that’ll speed up your progress and, frankly, just make it a far better-balanced game mode. Today you’ll learn what’s changed and, then, what it means for you.

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