This Week On Ghost!

This Week On Ghost!

A quick catch up of some of our great content from this week - 22nd - 26th April, and some free samples to peak your interest!

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Here's some of our most recent posts and newest freebies collated for your enjoyment!

This One's On Us

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Premium Access - the New Monetisation Trick That’s Only Getting Worse
Time is Money, and Publishers know it. We break down the newest, most unpleasant trend in games - Premium Access for Cash.
Loading Screen: The Activision Layoffs Laid Bare, Epic + Disney and 2K Says MTX is “Fiction”
Today - more details from the Activision Blizzard layoffs have been released, Epic are making moves with Disney and 2K is defending itself from legal action by saying MTX are literally worthless.

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Our Best This Week: News

More MTX shenanigans from Activision and Frontier Dev while smaller Indie Devs have a scattering of good and bad outcomes this week.
Check out all this and more below!

The Collapse of Embracer Group
Management frame the breakup as a glorious next step towards an idelological goal - but the fall of the Embracer Group as a result of their own hubristic desires is an object lesson for other publishers that the growth model they followed has no good end.
Video: How To Destroy An Indie Developer As CEO Possibilty Space
Ad Free Video! In one day, three years of work was wiped out for developers at Possibility Space, an indie team whose CEO seems to have decided that an unpublished leak to the press was so damaging that the team’s game could not continue - and that he needed to shut the studio down immediately.
Loading Screen: Fallout So Popular It Breaks Modding Websites, Brackeys Return and Infogrames’ Revival
The Fallout TV Show is wrecking modding platforms due to surges in popularity, Brackeys has returned to gamedev tutorials in the wake of Unity’s very public disasters and Atari are resurrecting the Infogrames brand - which statistically at least some of you remember.
No Rest for The Wicked Defies Expectations
With a dedicated vision that’s resonating with audiences and a flurry of post launch updates, in just a week No Rest for the Wicked has already started turning things around from a messy launch.
Video: Little Big Shutdown, Stellar Censorship & Brackey Returns!
Ad Free Video! 15 - The number of years of player content, now made inaccessible as LittleBigPlanet 3 gets removed 0 - The Amount of Censorship Stellar Blade has announced 3 Years, 7 Months and 4 Days - The time between Brackey’s Last Video and his latest as he returns to Gamedev tutorials!
Loading Screen: Costly Spaceships and Cancelled Indie Games
Elite Dangerous’ new experiments with monetisation have players on edge, and accusing Frontier Development of going back on their word - while an Indie dev publishes their game demo, then pauses development all in the same day, because the industry simply isn’t funding projects right now.

Our Best This Week: Warcraft

Things just keep getting better and better from the latest WoW patches and updates. We've took a deeper look in the lore surrounding it all.
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Video: This Is When The War Within Starts (And How)
Ad Free Video! This might be Blizzard’s best pre-patch event yet - here’s when we believe it is, what it is, and everything you can earn from it (so far).
Video: Khaz Algar Has Been Infested By Raw Life
Ad Free Video! At first glance, it just looks like another WoW enemy. Some fella we’ll melt for a quest and never think of again. But it’s anything but that! From WoD to the Everbloom to Dragonflight; a story is building, and here, Blizzard are putting their foot on the accelerator.
The Hidden Arathor Kingdom
A true blood Arathi Kingdom? In my underground expansion? That’s way better than I could have hoped!

Our Best This Week: Videos

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Video: COD Just Monetised Friendship
Ad Free Video! “Good Friends are Priceless” is an old saying and absolute nonsense according to Call of Duty and Activision. They’ve just introduced a new bundle that absolutely puts a price on friendship - $16.99
Video: MoP Remix Gets Global Release And Season 4’s A Big Success!
Ad Free Video! Alpha updates! MoP Remix has a global release that seems to be doing well!
Video: Advanced Access Is Here To Stay, Valve Close The Loophole
Ad Free Video! Steams Refund policy may be changing due to Advanced Access. Frontier Development new premium currency might start pay to win purchases. Flaming Fowl Studios have had to layoff staff, release a demo and then cancel development all on the same demo!

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