This Week With Bellular!

This Week With Bellular!

A quick catch up of some of our great content from this week - 10th to 14th June - and some free samples to peak your interest!

Adam Sayers

Another week over and what a week it has been.
We watched the summer showcases and a lot of games caught our eyes here in the team.
If you're on our members discord, no doubt we've been discussing that with you at length!
As always here's our latest freebies and articles for your enjoyment.

This One's On Us

It's been such a massive week for new releases and more that we struggled to find older topics to really give you a taste of what the news has been like this week.
Instead here's a few of our more older stories that we just wanted to highlight for potential reading.
Check them out for a freebie.

Bungie’s Perception Problem
We need to talk about Bungie’s Perception issue with regards to two viral slides that the community thinks sums up Bungie’s Attitude to Destiny 2. Turns out the context is a whole lot more interesting.
The Truth Of The Emerald Dream Revealed
We’re launching into WoW’s next massive arc, which means going back, way back to the origins of the Emerald Dream
The Hardware Wall
As PC Games Specifications Increase - audiences are concerned. We break down the concerns, and all the history, behind the PC race for more that’s leaving audiences behind.
Loading Screen: Halo Evolves, EA’s New Moves and Indie Recommendations
We’ve got a change in EA’s approach to game development, massive developments with Halo Infinite and a truly mind bending Indie Title.
Our Worldsoul, The Last Titan
30 years leading to one story - here’s the origin of our World-soul

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Our Best This Week: News

It's been a jam packed week of news! So much so there's just so many articles to get through I don't think we'd be able to sum them up well enough here!

Summer Showcases, Reactions to New Game Reveals and much much more, check it out!

Loading Screen: The Summer Games Showcase Summary
A weekend of games marketing means a newsletter full of new games!
Video: Xbox Went Hard
Ad Free Video! Expectations going into this year’s set of summer showcases were low. But even with that context, what Xbox showed this weekend has stunned audiences. Check it out.
Bungie Nailed The Landing for Destiny 2
Somehow Bungie managed to create a whole expansion that audiences love, that has managed to effectively end their 10 year storyline in a satisfying way and which hasn’t alienated mass amounts of their audience. Now they need to do it again.
Loading Screen: Two Games Spoiled By $30 Extra Charges
A pair of monetisation stories today as both Dark and Darker and Life is Strange: Double Exposure suffer at the whims of $30 charges - one to get the full game, and one to get some of the game early.
Dragon Age’s Reveal Dilemma
One of the greatest traditions of liking Dragon Age is the reveal of a New Dragon Age, which will then be roundly criticised. So lets talk about it. The history, the reveal, the backlash and the recovery. Including how this isn’t even the first time a trailer failed the series it was selling.
Ubisoft Is Delivering The Fantasy
Despite $130 Ultimate Editions generating controversy, Ubisoft have managed to come out of the summer showcases with the press and audience more excited about their games than ever. How is the company famous for endless delays and bloated open world titles managing to win people back?
Loading Screen: 2024 Already Record Holder For Games Industry Layoffs
A triple threat of stories today as we cover two sets of developers who are paying for management mistakes with staff jobs, and one indie developer that’s closing it’s doors because the industry has moved on too quickly.
Loading Screen: $1000 Bananas, Xbox Dominates The PS Store and Steam Next Fest Winners!
The third most popular game on Steam is a Banana clicking game - why? Well because some people are selling those bananas for thousands of dollars. Which is less than what Xbox is making after topping the Playstation download charts, two months in a row. Exclusivity is on the way out.

Our Best This Week: Warcraft

As we countdown to the new War Within DLC, we look back at Pandaria and a few other WoW stories that sparked our interest. As well as what Blizzard has been doing with Affixes and other updates to the game.

Video: The War Within’s Release Date Is Sooner Than We Thought!
Ad Free Video! This is a stacked episode of the Warcraft News! The War Within has a new cinematic, a launch roadmap, and a prominent feature at the Xbox Showcase. Meanwhile, beta is trucking on, with Blizzard teasing future Hunter updates!
Video: WoW’s Cinematic Breakdown, What Does This All Mean?
Ad Free Video! The kick off of the next 3 massive expansions are here and it’s resting on a load of built up background. So lets break it down and get you all caught up on what it means.
Pandaria: Blizzard’s Most Coherent Story? It’s Beautiful Anyway
Pandaria, we’re gonna break the whole story down and figure out why, after all these years, some consider it one of the most well told stories in the Warcraft canon, ever.
Video: Blizzard Can’t Get Affixes Right
Ad Free Video! Blizzard announce some late-stage Mythic+ changes ahead of testing, and they’re absolutely baffling. In some ways they’re great, but in others, we have absolutely no idea what they’re thinking.
Video: WoW’s Most Consistent Story? The Beauty Of Pandaria
Ad Free Video! Pandaria shook up a lot of what we took for granted. Today, we’re going to blast through the massive story of Pandaria, and point at some of the reasons it’s one of Warcraft’s most beautiful stories
Video: Double Bronze, WoW Leader GONE & Massive SoD Lore Teases
Ad Free Video! Another week, another round of news. John Hight’s leaving the team after 12 years, Blizzard decided to double rewards in Remix, Season of Discovery has huge lore teases and a whole heck of a lot more. Let’s have a look and see what’s went down.
Video: Hunters, Rejoice! The “Rework” Is Here
Ad Free Video! Hunter finally gets their War Within rework after so long, and… are you guys alright? Do you need an intervention?

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