This Week On Ghost!

This Week On Ghost!

A quick catch up of some of our great content from this week - 27th to 31st - and some free samples to peak your interest!

Michael Bell

We've had some quiet wins this week and some much needed respite across the team.
But that doesn't stop us bringing you a collected look at our news from this week all in one easy to access spot. Enjoy!

This One's On Us

We can't seem to escape MTX with both Ubisoft showing us this week how not to do it and Space Marine 2 showing us how to maybe do it. Also PlayStation seem to be having some troubles for a while now.
This all seems very familiar as we look back on these free posts.
Check them out for a taste of what we've talked about this week -

Loading Screen: Playstation’s $7.9B Legal Trouble, How Games Fail and How They Sometimes Come Back
Sony’s got legal troubles to the tune of $7.9B, Immortals of Aveum gets an unsurprising post mortem and sometimes abandoned games come back.
Diablo’s Quiet Steam Launch, Indie MTX Principles and AMD Gets Players Banned?
Diablo has launched on Steam, AMD got players banned from CS2, an Indie is taking a stand on MTX and more in today’s roundup!

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Our Best This Week: News

Lootboxes, MTX and ridiculous prices aren't anything new in the Games Sphere and yet there is always something new to talk about with them. Valve and Ubisoft give us that this week.
Meanwhile PlayStation show just how much they care (or not) about their Golden Boy Neil Druckmann, by editing his interview with them. They have now apologised but does that excuse them?

Valve Just Made Lootboxes Worse and Other Steam Problems
Valve have new Lootbox tech, Steam accounts aren’t even transferrable on death, Some gamers are being unfairly penalised by Steam because of their country and Valve really don’t want to acknowledge Deadlock.
What Happened To Hellblade 2?
Hellblade 2 is only the 23rd most played game on Xbox on launch, it’s Steam player numbers are weak and reviews frequently call out a shallow and middling experience. So let’s take a look at how the real problem for Ninja Theory isn’t that they’ve changed - it’s that everything around them has.
Video: Sony Are Putting Words in Neil Druckmann’s Mouth
Ad Free Video! In an Interview with Sony, Neil Druckmann has said that AI will revolutionize the gaming industry. But thanks to a followup statement by Druckmann himself - we have no idea how much of the interview is actually really what we said.
Loading Screen: Ubisoft MTX Sub Literally Booed By Players and Even Larian Can’t Avoid Crunch
Ubisoft’s newest monetisation strategy has faced immediate and visceral feedback in being booed by players at it’s reveal event, while Larian CEO Swen Vincke has reminded us that it’s not as simple as believing crunch makes bad games - it made Baldur’s Gate 3.
Loading Screen: Riot’s $450 Skin, XDefiant’s Quiet Success and Sony Apologies To Neil Druckmann
Ubisoft continue their trends of quietly successful launches that hardcore audiences don’t talk about with XDefiant, Sony would like everyone to stop talking about the Druckmann interview that they pulled from the internet and yes, we have to talk about League of Legends $500 skin pack.
Loading Screen: PlayStation’s Precarious Position as 50% of Audience Still On PS4
Turns out 50% of the PlayStation audience haven’t yet gotten a PS5 and most of their revenue growth is coming from about Live service games. Even while PlayStation want to tell everyone their success is real, and that their pipeline of games are strong, looking at the numbers, we have some doubts.
Video: Space Marine’s Microtransaction Confusion and Cyberpunk’s End
Ad Free Video! Space Marine 2 is doing something GOOD - but we’ve gotta dive in properly to see what’s up. The CDPR crew have finally left Cyberpunk 2077 behind hitting 95% overall on their Steam reviews!

Our Best This Week: Warcraft

The changes are coming in Hordes and we can't get enough of it.
Our team have been playing MoP all week long and we want to share with you 22 Levels in 30 minutes with a bunch of different levelling methods!
Also a dive as usual into the other patches and news from Warcraft.

Video: HUGE Bronze Changes! Story Mode Raiding, Alliance V Horde & Much More
Ad Free Video! We had a little mix up over the weekend with getting this video all our members but fear not you can watch it Ad Free now here on Ghost. A lot is happening! Blizzard has taken action on the Gulp Frog situation, buffed Bronze in MoP Remix and much more!
Video: Account Wide Currencies Are SO GOOD!
Ad Free Video! Built in currency transfer will be with us when The War Within Prepatch releases, but you can start making use of it today!
Video: 22 Levels In 30 Minutes - The Ultimate MoP Remix 10-70 Levelling Methods
Ad Free Video! This video covers the best overall way to power level a lot of characters in MoP Remix, as well as a VERY broken method that exploits trial account character level limits to make scaling go mad.
Video: Boy Howdy, What A Week for Warcraft News!
Ad Free Video! We’ve got great War Within updates, hints of an Orgrimmar revamp, and a lot of Remix to talk about.

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