This Week On Ghost!

This Week On Ghost!

A quick catch up of some of our great content from this week - 29th April to 3rd May - and some free samples to peak your interest!

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A slower pace but certainly not an unfulfilling week for most of us here in the team. We remind ourselves it's a marathon, not a sprint and keep pushing to bring you the latest news and lore!
As always a selection of our most recent posts and newest freebies collated for your enjoyment!

This One's On Us

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Helldivers II - Did They Earn Their Monetisation?
Helldivers 2 has had a messy launch - especially as it’s Sony’s first Live Service. But as fans flock to the game, and the CEO argues they’re earning their monetisation - we ask if that’s true.
Roundup: Overwatch Asks For More, Street Fighter Demands Costume Cash and Ark Devs Say Their Servers “Run Like Ass”
Overwatch’s Season 8 adds new monetisation as fans feel squeezed, while Street Fighter 6 gets greedy and the Ark Devs get surprisingly candid about their servers.

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Our Best This Week: News

A charged week that sees some developers charging ahead with costly choices, while also springing forward a whole month of new games to check out!

Tarkov’s $250 Community Disaster
A $250 PvE mode is just the tip of the iceberg with Tarkov’s latest community outrage as players rail against Pay to Win mechanics, broken promises and a developer that seems truly out of touch with community expectations.
Video: Manor Lords Does Everything Right
Ad Free Video! The sixth biggest launch of 2024 with 173 thousand players, one million copies sold - an 89% positive review rating on Steam - and that’s without thinking about other platforms or Gamepass. All of this from One Dev!
Loading Screen: Starfield and Fallout - Todd Howard’s Take
An interview with Todd Howard by KindaFunny has given everyone insight into the state of Bethesda going forwards - we’ve got Starfield updates, Fallout questions and then following that, we dig into the state of their games right now as a very angry modding community take Bethesda to task.
Loading Screen: Gray Zone Warfare Seizes The Initiative, Take Two Appears To Gut Kerbal Space Program
Two stories today - as in the wake of Tarkov’s controversial supporter packages, a new competitor has swept in to charm their shared audience while we’re seeing the first impact of Take Two’s layoffs and it seems like the team behind Kerbal Space Program have been hit hard.
Video: Upcoming Games - A Magnificent May
Ad Free Video! May sees some major releases for the year with Warner Bros Multiversus and Xbox’s Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 and as usual, we’ve got a host of promising indies. It’s a great month for releases of all kinds, so let’s take a look to see what catches your eye.
Helldivers’ Account Anger
Helldivers 2 is suffering a review bombing and a tide of ill sentiment as players revolt at a new account requirement - that isn’t actually that new.

Our Best This Week: Warcraft

Does your Hero Talent rank with the best? Will it be enough to Delve further in The War Within? Decide for yourself with some help from these great videos from this week!

Video: The Destruction of K’aresh Revealed
K’aresh is a key planet in Warcraft’s cosmic drama. It set up the threat of the Void Lords. They could come and they will consume. Now, just as our planet sings a radiant song, Locus-walker tells us that just before Dimensius manifested on K’aresh, his planet sang a radiant song.
Video: Did Your Class Win The Hero Talent Roulette?
Ad Free Video! Some hero talents kick ass. Some hero talents don’t. Did your class win, or get the short straw? Here’s the breakdown.
Video: The State of Delves In The War Within
Ad Free Video! Today, we dive into how Delves are shaping up on Alpha, as well as what we’ve learned about endgame, and a ‘secret’ 13th delve inspired by Legion’s Mage Tower feature

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