This Week On Ghost: Free Samples

This Week On Ghost: Free Samples

A quick catch up of some of our great content from this week, and some free samples to whet the appetite.

Michael Bell

Hey everyone!
We're getting into the swing of our content production here on Ghost, so here's a bit of an update: We've made a few of our best posts free so you can see what we have to offer.

This One's On Us

If you want to know what our gaming news posts look like, or what our Lorewalking podcast sounds like, here are some freebies.

Sega Are Gutting Creative Assembly
The end of the financial year brings chaos as Sega balance their books by slashing western studios like Creative Assembly - at the expense of 240 of their staff and future projects.
Loading Screen: The Old Games Are Statistically The Best, Discord Causes Chaos and Bloodborne Kart Lives!
A new report highlights the divide between the people who talk online about games and actual audiences, Discord breaks the internet (accidentally), the ESRB lose out on face scanning tech and Bloodborne Kart Lives
Lorewalking Special: Second War (Parts 1 & 2)
Hey everyone! This post is a little special. This post contains both Part 1 and Part 2 of our Lorewalking Second War Special - and they’re both free. Just, you know, as a treat. Enjoy! Human Campaign The glorious kingdoms of Lordaeron stood for hundreds of years. Their first, and

Our Best This Week: News

If that seemed up your alley, here's what we've done - just this week. The gaming news never stops.

Video: Paradox Publishing Problems Persist
Ad Free Video! With the news that a Paradox published title is ending updates less than six months after release, we think it’s time to take stock of what’s going on with the publisher.
Loading Screen: April Fool’s Gold
The Games Industry is really bad at April Fools, often either lying, not being funny or teasing players with things they want. We’re going to skip that, and give you all the best things we could find from today that actually exist. And that’s no Joke.
Upcoming Games: A Packed April
After a bumper year so far - and a summer that’s starting to fill up - April is a relative breather of a month with time to catch up, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a whole range of good games coming out.
Video: SEGA Shakeup Free Relic, Hurts Creative Assembly
Ad Free Video! Sega are gutting Creative Assembly and other Western Studios with 240 layoffs- as after a quarter where releases like Sonic Superstars, Endless Dungeon and Total War Pharoah failed to set the profit sheet ablaze, Sega are cutting costs.
Video: Its A Game Studio Firesale! Gearbox, Thunderful, Certain Affinity + Nintendo!
Ad Free Video! The end of the Financial year means a Fire Sale for some of the biggest players in the industry - with studios like Gearbox, Relic Entertainment and more being traded back and forth while layoffs hit the folks who work there. What does this serve to accomplish?

Our Best This Week: Warcraft

These videos will be on the channel soon - but just letting you know, here on Ghost you can get access to them nice and early. We also have a juicy Lorewalking on everyone's favourite knaifu.

Video: WoW News: Don’t Expect A New Warcraft Movie… Maybe.
Ad Free Video! This week’s WoW news covers season 4, the imminent alpha drop, John Hight talking movies and indie games and PSAs for your gameplay this week
Video: The Hero Talents Drama Explained
Ad Free Video Blizzard’s big new box feature, hero talents, were under fire by a large chunk of the community. Is it right to suggest they’ve wasted their time, or is there something we’re forgetting?
Lorewalking: Xal’atath, Blade of the Black Empire
Xal’atath, the Harbinger, residing within the Blade of the Black Empire, is responsible for a lot more than we know. While the world moved around greater forces, she has always known which domino to push to further her own end - bringing us to ours.

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