New Feature: 7-Day Free Trial!

Matt Lagan

Hello, free members!

Last week, we implemented a 7-day free trial of our memberships, and we've been seeing some success from interested people signing up and sticking around after the trial ends.

Which, as far as we can tell, means they liked it!

If you'd like to give it a try, here's every post from today across both Warcraft and News, just click on whichever you fancy:

Season of Discovery’s Lore Is Core Warcraft
Did SoD just ADD lore to World of Warcraft?
Loading Screen: Epic Defeat Google in Antitrust Suit, E3 Dead Forever and More!
Epic have shown Google broke Antitrust Law, E3 has been declared dead and the industry layoff train continues to chug, but not at one Indie Dev.
Video: 5 Days After The Day Before
Ad Free Video! They Released “The Day Before” and Closed “The Day After” - Steam Reviewer

(And the above video's companion post!)

The Day Before Deleted
A game deleted, a studio closed and a publisher left holding the bag and asking Steam for Refunds. The Day Before story has gone wild - so let’s get into it.

Tomorrow, I'll have a gaming editorial up, too. Something from the heart!